Call for Comments – Structural Poverty, Ignorance & Violence

I posted this on myFacebook page. So if any of my friends see this and wish to comment, please just find the post on my page:

For everyone else, please comment – but try and keep your comments constructive. I will be compiling your comments for a future blog post.

When I lived in the rural south I learned to recognize structural poverty, ignorance and violence. Now that I am living in Portland I can see it wherever it is. And though it is more prevalent in rural areas, it exists everywhere. I truly believe that education (which must include a basis for from which we learn to recognize and trust truth.) is the only remedy. I thought my generation would see a diminishing, a movement toward a cure. We have not. I am leaning why (and it is not a Facebook conversation). What I want to know is: What are You Willing to do About it? Because it is killing our world.


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