An Excerpt from Happily After Ever

Which emotion do you suppose they mean?

At that moment, a crow flew into the broad glass bay window that overlooked the tiny backyard and bounced back, stunned. Harry jumped and spilled his coffee into his lap. “Fuck!” he screamed and stood up to move his coffee-soaked pajama pants away from


sensitive skin. The chair didn’t roll back from him as expected. He lost his balance, fell back into the broken desk chair and flipped over backwards landing in a pile on the floor with his robe over his face. His coffee cup lay smashed, and shards were spinning on the wooden floor by his face.

These emotions strong enough for you, he thought and laughed. First, he was scared. Next, he was angry. Now he was laughing. From tension release or the comedy of it, he could not tell. This is already shaping up to be a weird day, he thought. “Late again.” He looked over at the window, but the bird was gone.


I have been tagged to do a blog post, and I am to tag another author. What you would do is find a few paragraphs in your WIP (work in progress) which has the word “look,” in it. Then you put it on your blog. It’s meant to intrigue readers about your upcoming book. Then at the bottom of the blog post you tag another author and they then do the same and so on and so on.

What do you think? Who should I tag? I’m going to chose…

Robyn Lynn

Now how am I supposed to tell her about it?

Maybe I should just tag her Blog! Check her out.


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