Hey, This is it. I’m Going to Die

Don’t be concerned, this is the title of my short story collection. Here is a mock up for the cover. I realized that all of the stories from my Goddard Undergraduate thesis were pretty edited and cleaned up when I submitted them for graduation in 2012. Some of them have been published in journals around the country.

We are going to do a new KickStarter for the release, but it’s going to be really simple. There are eleven stories:

The Gun – A story about a civil war enactment that becomes real.

The Sand is White in Jamaica – What if you ended up anyplace you imagined?

Where They Go – A boy with special powers helps his grandfather through death’s door.

A Day in the Life – A tale about music and our dreams. Or are they dreams?

The Code – A lost boy finds help in the woods.

Sit, Rollover, Speak – How do animals communicate with us?

Pertrichor – Cassia seeks balance.

The Rooster – Mattie didn’t think nothin’ of it when John Cole shot the rooster.

Four or Five Cows – On a scorching hot day, Whitey Roy witnesses something very strange.

Inarguably Dead – You’re probably wondering how I know I’m dead.

Marsha Griggs – … But she wasn’t a woman at all.

So stay tuned for details. We hope to have the grant up and running soon. We are going to leave it up for a while this time so that you-all can get the word around. I will be posting excerpts and stuff as we go.



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